20-21 School Year Packet

On August 5, 2020 the Boise School Board voted to start school virtually on August 17, 2020 due to COVID concerns. Due to this decision the Just For Kids school year registration has been suspended until the Boise School District announces the opening of in-person learning. 

What does this mean for my family?
-If you are registered for a Just For Kids site for the 20-21 school year, your registration is temporarily suspended.
-Your attendance spot for the school year will be held as listed on your registration packet.
-No billing will be applied until school opens in-person.
-Once school is in-person, your registration will pick up just as it would have on August 17th.

What if my family is on a waiting list?:
-Your position on the waiting list will be maintained.
-If a spot becomes available to meet your needs, you will be notified of any available openings and offered the opportunity to move onto the school year in-person class list at that time.

What if I am NOT registered for the school year?
-You have the opportunity to register for one of our JFK care camps.
-If your family has never attended Just For Kids, you must complete a pre-registration form and receive a confirmation email in response before completing the registration packet.  If you are pre-registering in order to attend a care camp, please pre-register for the care camp site that you want to attend.
-Registration will be available to new and returning families at 7am on Monday, August 10th

What if my child is attending a JFK summer camp but is not registered for the school year?
-You can register your child(ren) for a JFK care camp at 7am on Monday, August 10th.