Contingency Plan

During this time, we have specific procedures for restricting the attendance for children that attend the program and staff working at our JFK sites.  We acknowledge that families choose if their child will attend child care.  If a parent chooses for their child to attend, we cannot control the spread of viruses given the large amount of children despite our best intentions.  We have put the following procedures in place to reduce the spread of illness at our sites:

  • Upon notification that a parent, child or staff member has tested positive for COVID-19 and been within the facility in the last 7 days, Just For Kids will consult with Central District Health and close our facility for 24-72 hours to disinfect per CDC guidelines and Central District Health directions. This procedure will be implemented if ordered by public health officials or if there is a report of exposure by staff or child to COVID-19. Every effort will be made to give notice of this but we are limited to the timeframes in which were are informed of requirements.  Please note that we will not provide childcare in this phase.
  • Per CDC guidelines, if we identify a case, we will report this to Central District Health, inform anyone who may have been exposed, and follow Central District Health guidance.
  • For more information please visit the Exposure Decision Tree and the Illness Decision Tree for Schools to read specific guidance from Central District Health.