2021 Summer Program Information

Hours of Operation:

  • 7:00am - 6:00pm Monday through Friday.
  • Closure dates are listed here.

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures:

  • To reduce the number of people that are in the site each day, children will be dropped off and picked up outside the front of the JFK building.
  • A staff member will do a quick wellness check with your child before they enter the building. Staff will make a visual inspection of your child for any sign of illness, which could include flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing (without recent physical activity), fatigue, or extreme fussiness.  Staff will also take your child’s temperature with a temporal thermometer and ask them a few simple questions.  Please do not leave until your child enters the building and the staff waive an okay.

Health Practices:

  • For a list of our daily preventative measures, please see here.
  • Just For Kids has always had a clear exclusion policy for children and adults who are feeling unwell or show symptoms of illness (fever, etc.)  Please help us to keep our safe by reviewing our illness policy.
  • All families should review our COVID-19 specific illness policy and contingency plan.

Water Days:

  • Water days are specified on each JFK site’s Activity Calendar.  On these days your child may come to JFK wearing their swimsuit under their clothing.  Please pack a change of clothes and a towel for those days. Swim shirts are strongly encouraged. 
  • Students will not be required to wear a mask during water play activities as long as they can remain socially distanced and six feet apart.  We strongly encourage your student to still wear a mask and for you to send two masks on water play days in case one gets wet.

Sunscreen and Hand Lotion

  • Please provide an individual sunscreen for their child.  To reduce close contact between staff and children, we are requesting that you send in spray sunscreen.  You may also send a stick of facial sunscreen to ensure good face coverage.
  • Make sure that you have filled out the Sunscreen Medication Form in order for us to apply sunscreen to your child at Just For Kids.
  • Please apply sunscreen to your child/ren before dropping off in the morning.
  • With increased hand washing, many children’s hands get dry.  If you would like to send hand lotion with your child please follow the same procedures as you are with sunscreen—send a labeled bottle and complete a second Medication Form.


  • Your child needs to come to the JFK in good shoes for playing outside or in the gym each day. Flip flops and sandals are a tripping hazard when running around on the playground, blacktop or gym floor.
  • Several field trip locations REQUIRE close-toed shoes for the students.
  • Children are welcome to bring a change of shoes for recess times.


  • Your child(ren) will need to bring a lunch each day.  Do not send anything that needs heating or refrigeration. Weather allowing, we will be eating outside to enable us to spread the children out during lunchtime and to enjoy the weather.
  • We encourage you to send a mix of healthy foods will give the children energy throughout the day.
  • If your child has allergies please provide specific breakfast, lunches and snacks to accommodate their needs. 

Water Bottles

  • Send your child with a refillable water bottle every day.  Please label the water bottle with your child’s first and last name.  Please only send water, not juice or energy drinks with your child.
  • Children will be able to fill their bottles from our drinking fountains.
  • Since we are using other parts of the school grounds, we want to ensure that your child has access to water all day while also limiting the potential for sharing germs.

Home Toys

  • Some sites have designated Home Toy Days.  These toys must be able to fit in your child’s backpack and may not be electronic or have a screen.  Please reach out directly to your site coordinator for more details on toys that are okay to bring.

Tuition and Fees:

  • The $45.00 registration fee will be run along with your first weekly tuition payment on June 1, 2021. 
  • As always, you can pay your tuition in advance through your account at myprocare.com.
  • Any changes to your enrollment need to be made through our Summer Contract Change Form.  Withdrawals should be submitted through our Summer Withdrawal Form

First Day Checklist:

  • Signed Authorization to Treat a Minor form
  • Signed Medication Form (for sunscreen)
  • Labelled bottle of spray sunscreen (and stick sunscreen if sending)
  • Water bottle
  • Cold lunch