Terms of Contract

For a child to be considered enrolled and allowed to attend a Registration packer and Tuition Express must be submitted to the Just For Kids district office and approved. Before a child may attend an Authorization to Treat a Minor form must also be submitted. A child's immunization records must be submitted within 10 business days of their first day of attendance.

1. A parent/guardian or designated emergency contact listed on the enrollment contract must clock the child in and out of the program each day using the Procare check in/out system. Parent/guardian will be assessed a fine of $5.00 each time the child is not clocked in or out.
2. A Just For Kids staff member will sign a child out that is going to school or to the school bus and will sign a child in that is coming to Just For Kids from school or the school bus.
3. Site operation hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Changes of operational hours will be posted.
4. Sites will be closed on July 4, 2023 in honor of Independence Day. Tuition credit will not be given for days the program is closed. These days are not included in the annual tuition.
5. Sites or sessions may be closed temporarily due to low enrollment or issues causing safety concerns, i.e., construction, electrical or water outages. If a site is closed, parents will be provided with a list of alternate sites where care will be available for their child.
6.  On non-school days and during the summer session, if low attendance warrants, identified sites may be closed. If sites are closed, parents will be provided with a list of alternate sites where care will be available for their child.
7. When Boise School District closes due to weather or safety related issues, the Just For Kids program will also be closed. Tuition credit for these days will not be given.
8. Tuition credit will not be given when alternate designated sites for childcare have been identified for holiday, low enrollment, or safety concern closures.
9. Parent/guardian must notify the site, before 9:00 a.m., on the day the child will be absent. Failure to notify the site will result in a written reminder for the first time, a $5.00 fine for the second time and an additional $5.00 added to the fee for each additional time.
10. Contract Change: Contract changes are not retroactive. A contract change form must be completed by the same parent/guardian that signed the original contract and submitted to the Just For Kids district office at least 5 business days in advance of the date the change will occur. Tuition, extra day or extra hour charges will be assessed in accordance with the original contract until the effective date of the new contract change.
11. If a medical emergency arises, the Site Coordinator will first attempt to contact the parent/guardian. If the emergency is such that immediate medical attention is necessary, the Site Coordinator will call 911 to take the child to an emergency care facility. The parent/guardian will be responsible for all costs incurred. Site staff are only trained and allowed to administer oral and topical medications.
12. Medical, dental and/or hospital bills occurring as a result of injuries sustained by a child while attending the program will be the responsibility of the child's parent/guardian.
13. Parent/guardian will provide the child with a sack lunch on days the school cafeteria is not open. Sack lunches may not be stored in the site refrigerator or heated on-site. If the child eats breakfast or lunch in the school cafeteria, the parent/guardian will be responsible for payment of those charges directly to the school lunch program.
14. Just For Kids will serve snack to all contracted children in attendance during snack times. These times will be posted at each site along with a menu of the food items to be served.
15. Children must be fully potty trained to be enrolled in the program. When a child has a toileting accident they must be able to clean themselves and change clothes unassisted.
16. Pre-Kindergarten children must be 5 years old to attend.