Illness Policy (updated March 2022)

A safe and healthy environment is important for all children.  At Just For Kids we have several policies and procedures in place to help reduce the incidence of illness.  These include frequent, proper handwashing for both adults and children and the proper cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing of the facility. 

Beyond these daily precautions, the following illness policy is designed to decrease disease transmission and protect the health of all children and staff.   Please note that it is important to plan ahead for sick child days and either be able to leave work or have a backup plan, such as a relative or friend who can care for your child.

  • Please do not bring you child to the Just For Kids site is she/he has diarrhea, vomiting, fever (100.4°F oral, or 99.4°F auxiliary), thick nasal discharge, mattery eyes, or an undiagnosed rash.
  • When a child becomes ill while at a Just for Kid site, the staff will notify the parent/guardian that they must pick up the child within one hour. While awaiting the parent/guardian, the ill child will be separated from other children and made as comfortable as possible.
  • The childcare provider will make the final decision about continued care based on: 
  1. Exclusion list—some diseases/illnesses require exclusion;
  2. Providers’ ability to adequately care for the ill child and the rest of the children;
  3. Ill child’s ability to participate in routine activities;
  4. Increased risk of disease transmission.
  • If a child is ill enough that they are unable to fully participate in the daily routines and activities, staff will notify the parent/guardian and possibly request that the child go home for the remainder of the session.  Staff are unable to leave a child inside, for example, if the family or a doctor does not want them to go outside.
  • Please refer to the Boise School District Illness Procedure information to determine when your student can return to school.
  • Please notify the childcare staff immediately if your child is diagnosed with or exposed to an infectious disease. The District Program Coordinator will provide written notification of the communicable disease to the site parents/guardians.  Health Department guidelines will be followed.
  • Students that have been absent due to a communicable disease may return to the program when the meet the specification listed by The Central District Health Department.